Social Media Strategy

A true social media strategy should be holistic and incorporated through out your online efforts.  Our approach to helping our clients build out meaningful social strategy is driven by the following:

Brand Recognition
Using Social Media outlets is one of the best ways to tell the world who you are and why you matter. Opinions are made and broken in the social sphere every minute.  We help make connect your brand with meaningful audiences to make the right impression.

Education and Resourcing
We empower your organization with the knowledge and rules of social governance for valuable long term Social engagement.  We educate your team to continue to carry out the unique strategies we build for you.

Traffic Driving
Brand recognition and community building through social media have always been top priorities, but how does one drive traffic from these outlets to other web properties? We will help you develop the content to convert social audiences into site visitors and  ultimately, customers.

Social Strategy as it relates to SEO
Social Media strategies go beyond building an audience and sending them to where you choose. There are benefits that extend into Search ranks and visibility.

Analysis of campaigns
We will measure the effectiveness of your initiatives and discover new opportunities. We will measure how your community reacts to you and where new potential may reside.  This includes:  acquiring community members, traffic to you site, new demographics, and new ways to define your brand.

Asset Definition and Creation
Simply put, we will answer the question, “When it comes to the Social Space, What do I already have? What do I need? Where are my time and efforts best spent?”

Community Building
Building a following is one thing, but building a following that will listen and connect with your brand is another. We will show you how to find the people who connect with you and build upon there unique qualities, instead of building numbers.

Strategy Management
Once a strategy is in place, we can provide the tools and expertise to insure that your unique strategy is carried out in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Community Engagement
Once a community is built, how will you engage and interact with its members? Your community is as unique as you are, and your organization and the manner in which you interact is crucial. We will help you discover and plan the most effective ways to engage the community you have worked so hard to develop.


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